The Taunton Chapter opened in November of 2001. We had our first party in March of 2002, our membership started with four patch holders and two probates. We were first located on School Street, until July of 2007 then we relocated elsewhere where we still bring biking and brotherhood to the area.

South Shore "Nomads":
"Either you're part of the steamroller or part of the pavement" -Nomads 2011 Massachusetts
On Friday the 13th of August 2010 the Outlaws South Shore Massachusetts Chapter was established. With a blend of old school influence and new school fire. This Chapter first presented itself at the Daytona National Run in March 2011. Initially Functioning in conjunction with the Taunton Chapter. The South Shore Chapter's initial "break away" came in June 2011.

The South Shore Chapter is the first of its type in the Outlaws Motorcycle Club USA. Its function is that of a nomad chapter in all but name. The South Shore Outlaws are proud to introduce a new concept to the proud tradition of the American Outlaw Association "AOA" USA. Outlaws Forever, Forever Outlaws

In December of 1992 several members of the Devils Disciples of Massachusetts, along with a small number of independent riders, broke away from DDMC (with DDMC's blessing) to petition the AOA for a charter. DDMC had always been cordial with the AOA and former Disciples were, or had been, Outlaws in Tenn-Chatanooga, Dayton, Youngstown, and Oklahoma City. Representatives from the Outlaws came to Massachusetts and began interacting with this group of riders and in 1993 they were granted status as a "Prospective" AOA chapter. Earning their patches in 1994, they became "Outlaws Massachusetts". In '95 the Nomads M/C came aboard as Prospectives and the clubhouse on Warren Ave. became the Outlaws Brockton CH. At Morocco Speedway, in the summer of '96, the Nomads were awarded their Patches, and soon after, the new clubhouse on Hunt Street was established. Thus was born the first New England chapter of AOA.

The Boston chapter started in the beginning of 2001. It was made up of 5 members of the Brockton chapter, who were from the city. Shortly after the Boston outlaws patched over the Trackers of East Boston. The Boston Chapter Is still located on Bennington Street in Boston and just celebrated there 10th year anniversary.



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